Audio/Video Transfer Archive Services:

Specializing in high quality analogue-to-digital media transfers and media archive conversion services for consumers, business, museums and organizations since 1994. 

We have helped thousands of individuals with their media archival needs.  With VIDEO CENTER Media your priceless family memories are in good hands.

In most cases your media's audio and visual quality can be improved so the DIGITAL MASTERS look and sound better than the analogue originals.  

We provide quality audio-visual media transfers, that are professional, affordable and convenient. All production services are provided on location.

Media Transfer Services:

  • Any media from analog to digital format
  • ALL Video formats transferred to DVD
  • Convert 8mm Film to DVD/file
  • Convert Super8 Film to DVD/file
  • Convert 16mm Film to DVD/file
  • Convert Mini DV to DVD/file
  • VHS to DVD dubbing
  • Cassettes to CD or MP3
  • Vinyl Records to CD or MP3
  • 1/4 reel to reel audio to CD or MP3
  • Power Point converted for internet
  • Foreign conversion
  • Custom labeling and packaging
  • Cell phone videos to digital files
All transfer service work is done in house, your personal media never leaves our studio.
— Andy Small