Planning is the key to
and successful productions

The first objective on every project is to fully comprehend your objectives and goals.

What do you want to say?  Who is your audience?  What do you want them to think or do after viewing your content?  These answers will guide us throughout the entire creative process and clearly identify the messages you want conveyed.   

Pre-production is a collaborative partnership and careful pre-planning is the key to successful media. The goal is to move your audience to action with your messages.


Lights, sound, action, the
artistry of digital video filming

We bring over 20 years of cinematography experience and a keen eye for capturing imagery that not only tells your story, but also motivates your audience into action.  

From a simple interview for your website, to a carefully pre-scripted production we can bring your idea to life visually and help motivate your clients into actions.

Using HD equipment, quality lighting and an artists eye for shot composition, your video-media will be not only visually engaging but a valuable tool to achieve your goals.


Move your audience to
take action with your message

With literally thousands of hours of editing and post-production experience, we transform ideas into effective, useful media.

We are goal oriented storytellers who carefully combine interviews, video, music, narration and graphics to tell your story and the backbone of that story is your message.

The art of editing is about artistically balancing form and function in such a way that your information is motivating and your message is crystal clear.