The CONCEPT (Identify your Message):

Every successful video starts with a clear idea or message. The most important thing you can do to ensure that the completed program meets your needs and expectations is to know your message. Knowing your message means knowing what you want to say, who your audience is and how you want them to respond.


Pre-production is the most important part of the video making process.  This is the foundation upon which your video will be formed; careful pre-planning will result in a much more effective and valuable communication tool.  Once you have decided that video is the right medium for your message, we will work together on a treatment (similar to an outline) for the video.  The treatment is short one or two page guide that outlines the approach and how and in what order the ideas will be presented throughout the video production. 


The treatment also includes references to the visuals, people and locations that need to be included in the program.  With a completed treatment in hand, we can then identify the best interview questions, write a script for narration and create a production schedule that outlines completion dates for the project or various phases of the project.

 The importance of pre-production cannot be over emphasized.  It will ensure that your communication goals are met and  will save valuable and money time during the whole production process.  Pre-production is the key to success!

SCRIPTing for Production:

In many instances the script is the most important part of pre-production.  Think of the script as a blueprint of how the completed video will look and sound.  The script includes the exact narration that will go into the finished program, interview questions that will direct the narration for a more branding-style production, areas to emphasize with graphics and text and it often includes a detailed shot list (ordered list of shots, styles and interviews to be videotaped). 

It’s important that you work closely with us and approve the direction laid out in the treatment and script. If changes are made later during the production process, they can affect the budget and the completion timetable.



We almost always tape on-location, that is in the appropriate real-life setting, we will scout (walk-through) each location and take photos, notes and identify lighting needs.

Taking the time to plan the shoot before production begins saves valuable time and ensures that the actual production will go smoothly, efficiently and purposefully.

Filming your footage is the most exciting part of the whole production process. Using our years of real world experience, a well though out plan, traditional techniques along with modern cinematography styles we will not only tell your story in and engaging way, but also symbolically reinforces your ideas and messages throughout the filming process.  


The final step is the post-production editing session. This is where all the planning comes together first into a rough-cut version of the final piece. In the rough cut there are minimal effects, titles, music, etc, but it is a clear representation of where the production is heading and how it will look. Necessary changes are often made to the rough-cut version, saving valuable time down the line. 

Post production

Once the rough-cut has been approved, the final piece is edited. All the pre-planning and filming come together, to tell your story and convey your message in an entertaining, informative and persuasive manner. 

Titles, motion graphics, effects, color correction for the scenes, narration, dramatic music are all combined truly bring your production to life.  Major changes have already been addressed by this final stage and the “digital master” is created and uploaded for your approval via youtube.


Each video requires consideration for the time needed to create all the components of the production, including treatment, script, shot list, shooting, titles, motion graphics, voice talent, revisions, etc.

With 20 years experience in video-media production, we can provide you with an accurate cost estimate for your production. From experience we understand how long it takes to create video-media and are happy to promptly provide a detailed cost proposal for your consideration without obligation.

We hope this information has been helpful to your understanding of the video making process.  If you have questions, would like to discuss your video project or want an estimate please contact us using the button below.