I don't know about you, but my iphone6 on it's own shoots some darn good video.  Throw a $5.00 like movie pro and it's awesome!  Here is a our top 10 list of ways to improve your cell phone video skills, enjoy.

  1. Go wide not vertical: This is the single most important tip! All video shot using your cell should be filmed with the camera on its side or horizontal, vertical footage loses so much of the information of the scene due to the black bars on each side of the screen.
  2. Rule of thirds: From the early days of cinema, the rule of thirds has been the golden standard. imagine a tic-tack-toe board on top of your screen and always try to keep the subject’s eyes on the upper line whether it’s a close up or wide shot.
  3. Keep lens and mic clear: Take a minute to look at your phone, notice where the lens and mic are located and keep your finger off of them while shooting videos and pictures.
  4. Clean the lens: As we take our phones out of our pockets we often get dirt and oil on the lens, this is hard to see while we are shooting, but it is obvious when viewing on your computer.
  5. Steady as she goes: When shooting video hold the camera with both hands and pull your elbows in toward your torso to give the camera more stability.
  6. Stay close for good audio: The audio recording on a cell phone is perhaps its weakest feature, if you are filming someone talking, try to be as close to them as possible to ensure that the audio is clear and loud.
  7. Variety is the spice of life: Instead of taking one very long shot, break it into shorter shots and move closer or farther away from your subject.
  8. Close up, close up, close up: Film and video are both close-up media; a wide shot of the entire scene is good to start with, but always try to shoot close-up. This not only makes for more interesting footage, but it also will result in a higher-quality image and improve the audio.
  9. Go selfie style: If possible, always try to shoot from just above eye- level of the subject. This is the most flattering way to film a person. Then like a selfie, a slight downward angle makes for a more flattering image; upward angles are more for artistic or scary shots.
  10. Transfer to your computer:  Try to transfer valuable footage to your computer as soon as possible. Make it a habit and then, if and when, your cell phone gets lost your videos and photos will be safe and sound.