For those of you, like us this Iowa Winter was definitely one to remember.  I don't think my daughter had even one full week of school.  She loved it, but when she's still in school mid June I doubt she will be so happy!

As the thaw begins we are gearing up for a year long documentary about Iowa's first large scale solar, located in Kalona Iowa.  

 “This is part of our Cooperative Energy Plan to cut outside energy purchases by 25 percent,” said FEC Manager Warren B. McKenna. “Around 20 percent of our membership are solar and wind energy aware through participation in our Green Power Project or through direct ownership of distributed wind and solar. With the completion of our solar farm, FEC will have over 1,500 watts of solar energy per member customer (640 members), far exceeding any U.S. utility and even Germany.”

Thank you to Warren & FEC for this unique opportunity to document this project from stat to finish. We are looking forward to this challenge and are excited for the Solar Farm construction to begin!